HomeBit is the "missing care plan" for your home.

Get your light bulbs, smoke detector batteries, and air filters replaced as often as you need.  Unlimited housecalls. Hardware included. Really.

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Your Home. Hassle-free.

Why get HomeBit?

We replace your light bulbs.

Bulbs in hard-to-reach locations or bulbs anywhere, call us and a HomeBit Hero come take care of them.  As many times as you need.

We'll swap out your air filters.

Buying air filters isn't necessarily hard.  Replacing them is a chore.  We'll both order and swap them out for you 4 times a year!

No more chirping smoke detectors at 2am.

A HomeBit Hero will routinely change the batteries out of your smoke detectors so you're not pulling your hair out late at night.

A home improvement store on wheels.

Hardware is included and we bring bulbs, batteries, and filters to your doorstep.  If we don't have what you need, we'll find it!

Because it's the missing piece to homeownership bliss.

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Oh, and we'll pick up all your empty Amazon boxes too.  

Growing pile of Amazon boxes?  We'll take care of it.

If you're like us, you're buying a bunch of things from online stores like Amazon.  But the boxes are piling up in a corner of the house or garage.  No more!

Call us for any of our other services and we'll haul away your empty cardboard boxes on a complimentary basis.  Don't need us for anything other than box pick-up?  No problem, schedule a pick-up and we'll swing by.

The math is simple.

  • Handymen charge an average of $44/hour.  
  • At just $29 per month, a year of HomeBit costs $348.
  • That would be like calling a handyman 5 to 6 times. over the year.  
  • With 4 air filters changes a year... (4 visits)
  • and a few light bulb replacement house calls... (2-3 visits)
  • and at least 1x a month scheduled box pickup, (12 visits)
  • that's 3 to 4 times the value for a blissful homeownership experience.

or call us now at 888-226-5599!


Our HomeBit Heroes are background checked.

All HomeBit Heroes visiting your home are screened extensively.  Background checks performed:

  • Identity Verifcation via SSN Traces
  • National & County Criminal Records Checks
  • Global Watchlist Check
  • Sex Offender Registry Check